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Francisco Pérez Farelo, Sergio Cabanillas and Carlos Lara has recently interviewed Xavi in  website.

Here you’ve the interview

…”Xavi Reija belongs to a new generation of musicians involved and risky ideas, which also saves on his resume to have signed for one of the most prestigious labels in recent times. (MoonJune Records, Leonardo Pavkovic).

Resolution has been the reason, his last work, he has shared with old friends and great musicians such as Dusan Jevtovic and Bernat Hernandez. Furthermore, given the particular circumstances that Dusan Jevtovic is also MoonJune Records with Am I walking Wrong?, His first work for the Pavkovic label. Parallel Lives and music related to creativity, commitment and complexity.

Xavi Reija and Dusan Jevtovic been collaborating since 2005 with DX Project (2Sides) formed by them with collaboration. They returned to join forces in Xavi Reija Quintet (2006 Dreamland and Ritual 2008) and Resolution Guide again. Serve as an exception I Am Walking Wrong? Dusan Jevtovic where Xavi Reija not present but the bassist Bernat Hernandez who worked on all projects, including the previous record On the Edge (2008). Therefore there are more arguments than enough to chat with him and exchange views on their professional world, leaving the door open for a sequel dedicated to Dusan Jevtovic, his faithful complement.


Xavi Reija
© Marcelino Miguel Castro, 2014


Tomajazz: There is a clear evolution from an electric fusion of previous work to the more open improvisation and exploration of sound textures. What factors have influenced this transition?

Xavi Reija:  I have always gone for the concept of improvisation in uppercase. While it is true that in the wide range of styles and sub-styles that are encompassed within the term “jazz” there is a common thread of improvisation, in my opinion, it is nevertheless also true that in all of them there is some formal rigidity, stylistic, harmonic and even … in my case the four previous works from DX Project to Murada Live at the Electric House Trio have always suffered from some “commercial” vision that prevented the release of ideas. I mean business, which is the determinant like wanting to certain sectors that can provide some welcome yet professional projection. Perhaps the most libertarian work in this regard was Dream Land where it was the first time I got together the quintet of glorious un-experience.

Beyond stylistic forms, this album has not pretended to be anything, just capture a moment. Capturing what really made us different in essence to any other trio format. We try to study without a single note, since neither Dusan Bernat nor knew they were going to record. For my personal circumstances to date of the meeting in the study did not I could and at the end I did not want them to know that he would be recording, if it is true that the years put us in history, and nearly 10 years of working together are too many to not know. Beyond that, the staff time each did the rest.

Xavi Reija
© Marcelino Miguel Castro, 2014


Tomajazz: What Resolution is having impact within and outside our borders at the level of criticism?

Xavi Reija Spectacular … would never have thought so many good reviews. I’ve only had one negative reviews from almost 50 worldwide in three months. No words … maybe surprise.

Xavi Reija
© Marcelino Miguel Castro, 2014


Tomajazz: How true future projects you have in the making a disc together, hand in hand between the two?

Xavi Reija: Actually it´s already recorded. Leonardo has baptized us with the name of XADU and are in the process of mix and mastering. The idea came without doubt for the musical complicity between us.

Tomajazz: Drums as a tool is that Resolution protagonist in previous jobs?

Xavi Reija: I do not know, and if so was not premeditated. Perhaps the fact of touching trio leaves a lot more space. I’m not a drummer, for example, who likes a lot to do solos, I believe much more in the development of dialog in a group, and if you look closely you’ll see that there are major soloists in all my previous albums. Yes it is true that in some sense, and because the disk is mine, I do what I please without thinking much about whether I should or should not. And do not say sourly simply confirm a reality. At least in the latter, there has not been commented as you show no intention of anything beyond what is strictly musical, to express my way, with Dusan and Bernat, my personal situation in relation to certain concepts. There isn´t a title why sounds good or because it sells more or less, no, just desire to talk about certain subjects from the subjectivity of time. Drums?? Sure, what role? 33%.

Texto: © Enrique Farelo, Carlos Lara y Sergio Cabanillas, 2014.

Fotografías: © Marcelino Miguel Castro, 2014.


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